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Pracame, S. A. de C. V. started operations in June 2004 with the purpose to give several kinds of plating for pieces made by the Metal-Mechanic Industry of Monterrey and metropolitan area. The main plating are: Galvanized, Passivation, Degreasing and Nickel Electroless.

On 2006 Pracame certified in the ISO quality system and we have kept this standard, thanks to our team work due to the people who integrate this organization make the procedures in a natural way. This is because since the very moment they enter the company we train them under this working method.

Nowadays Pracame is highly involved in Eco-Efficiency topics and of a Socially Responsible Company, due to the importance and benefits brought with the implementation of these practices to our enviroment and society, looking for these practices to be permanent and part of the company culture.

Regarding our production we count with three process lines (hang and barrel) to satisfy your customers requirements in the less time possible.

Our Office


We seek to offer excellent service, quality and price, through a culture of continuous improvement, complying with current environmental standards.


To be leaders in the region of the process of Galvanization and to have presence in other states of the Mexican Republic.

Certified company

Since 2006, Pracame has been certified in the ISO quality system and has maintained this standard, thanks to the team that works with it, we perform the established procedures in a natural way, due to the training that is provided when entering the company.