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Our main process avoids the early corrosion of your metallic pieces covering its material with zinc, having two colors, blue and iridescent or tropicalized both give a protection as far as 120 hours in salt spray.
We count with 3 galvanized lines, which are hook and barrel and are process small and 2.90 meters pieces.

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Degreasing of metal pieces consists in cleaning all material which contains impurity caused by the forming (cutting die, welding, etc.) on its surface, leaving the material ready for the process to apply (ecoat, plating, etc.)

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Nickel Electroless

Nickel Electroless (known also as autocatalytic plating) consists in the application of a metallic nickel covering by a controlled chemical reduction and its main function is to improve the performance of steel at carbon in medium corrosive environments.

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Passivation of stainless steel consists in cleaning and protecting steel from enviroment impurity and so avoid the formation of a thin rust layer.

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