Privacy Policies

PRACAME, S.A DE C. V. located in Miguel Allende 202, Pob. Zacatecas, Pesquería, N. L.  is responsable for requesting privatel information, of its use, as well as protection of the same.

We gather your information directly when you give it to us by different meanings such as:

  • Job appliance
  • Resumé

Your private information will be used for the next purposes:

  • Posible job recruitment.
  • Payment of labor relashionship.

 For the aforementioned purposes in the present privacy statement, we can request private information such as:

Name.                                                                   Last name.
Mothers name.                                                   Cellphone number.
E-mail.                                                                   RFC.
Age.                                                                       Sex.
Academic level.                                                  Marital status.
Birth Place.                                                          Birth date.
Social security number.                                   Parents names.
Spouse name.                                                    Offspring names. 

We inform you to that to fulfill the aforementioned purposes in this privacy statement, WILL NOT BE  request and handled sensitive personal information, such as financial banking information.

You have the right to access, amend, and cancel your personal information, as well as, object the processing of the same or revoke consent for our purpose through the procedures we have implemented. To know these procedures, requirements and deadlines, you can contact our personal data department at Miguel Allende 202, Pob. Zacatecas, Pesquería, N. L., Phone 83139321 or at e-mail:, or visit our home page

Likewise we inform you that your personal information  can be transfered with diferent institutions out of our company. In this sense, your information can shared with a bank institution, for possible payment purposes.

If you do not manifest you opposition to transfer your personal information, it will be understood you have given your consent for it.
If you do not wish to receive our promotional messages anymore, you can ask it at our pone number 83139321 or at, or at Miguel Allende 202, Pob. Zacatecas, Pesquería, N. L.
You can seek for modifications on this private statement at


            Date last updated April 17, 2013, 15:42:52 hrs